How To Advertise Business With QR Code

Written by Meghan

What is a QR Code?

QR code (Quick Response). is two-dimensional code, a new version of the handheld scanner can read the camera. And not pull as images, text, video, or link from the code. Is another way to draw people from offline to online.

What does it use for?

In Japan, QR code you have been excellently, and has been very popular. People use each other as normal. What other product will stick to the code. Instead of having to sit and write down a product just scan QR code instead of convenient free to link to online shops have it as well Also, some billboard city is still playing with the code by removing the QR code to paste instead of the ad. Pictures or letters. Who want to know is what I just took mobile phones to scan. Mobile code that will read and display ads to know what exactly it is. A smart marketing to another form.

-Put it on business cards.

Instead people have to keep a business card. Pung and a thick wallet, then. This will allow the exchange of information that is very easy to touch up again because I made QR code with your data such as name, contact number and e-mail Website interchangeable scan. This other information as needed. It will be stored in the mobile phone. And all the smart phones. It can store that information to contact people that have it. When you want to run it just press all the information will be forthcoming soon. Do not worry, it will be lost. Or have to spend time removing storage card in an envelope to find out the hassle anymore.

-Place it in the advertising media.

“Try to apply the various Social Network.”

To marketing where it can be QR code to paste into whether a brochure flyer poster to billboard giant just added a new campaign, such as to bring the code to scan for links to a page with giveaways,. Link to Youtube video of a new ad or may be tied to Facebook, Twitter is also a fact that a lot of ideas. Just to help marketing brainstorm. Unlikely that your campaign may be over the online world at all.

Print it and Show at the store.

I told that to do anything really. Try to imagine playing any more that people use location-based service is more fun how if your coffee shop with them a QR code scanner to receive special check-in instead of just verbally those things should not be overlooked. Because the flow of play or Gowalla Foursquare is really hot you as a new entrepreneur. I do not look dull, but then release. Do not forget that the marketing opportunities of this new era. Faster than anyone has seen any advantage.


Anyone like the lower price or free of tactics if you want a QR code of interest. I try to play the campaign like a chocolate of Willy Wonka looks different from the gold in chocolate is a QR code hidden in the product or website that people can win that, when scanned will be nothing like discount of 25% or drink for free when ordered set lunch etc.

However, Don’t forget..

A lot of people still don’t know what QR code or how to use. Including possibly not using mobile phones that can scan code. So now I try to do marketing in a narrow band as the first group of Internet users as Facebook or Twitter and do not forget to teach you how to use Including description of use for such application to the load. To use the scan code

How to advertise business via QR Code

Kaywa  – This easy to use. I can decide what kind of input data such as telephone messages website.

iCandy – this has been recommended by Mashable, and also made the code also contains information such as where the code is scanned or analytical information with each code.

Business owners and marketers all. Do not forget to try QR code to see if the idea of doing something new in online marketing to build momentum for a product or service. How it works, do not forget to tell you what I hear.


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