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Now that summer is finally here, I’ve made sure to spend as much time outside as possible. All the work that comes with a new house has made it very easy, not to mention all the nice weather we have been having lately. My garden project is finally finished and I really like how it turned out. I started out with a low budget for the project, but after a lot of thought and financial calculations, I decided to spend more money up front so that there will be minimal upkeep in the future. It’s a good thing we never plan to move, right honey!? *nervous laugh*

Raised gardens are said to give you a higher yield from your crops and are better for drainage. Instead of creating many smaller raised beds, I thought why not build one large one! The way I figure it, there will be less lawn to mow and maximum room for seeds to grow. The garden is approximately 824 square feet with a bed depth of nearly 12 inches. As you can see from the photo we needed to plant some of our tomatoes in pots because we still didn’t have enough room to plant everything. I even have more potatoes growing in a large planter near the back near the composter.

The only thing missing is some organic tree mulch. Mulch helps keep moisture in and weeds out. As it breaks down it replenishes the soil with nutrients that the vegetables use. You can watch an amazing video about it here at http://backtoedenfilm.com . If you like gardening, it will make you very anxious to try it. I’ve been trying to find some mulch for free, but there is a long waiting list in Edmonton. I found a place that will deliver 15 yards of it for $125 so maybe next month after property taxes are paid I’ll phone in the order. The only problem is that 15 yards is a lot of mulch, so maybe I can share some with my family and friends.

One day after I got home from work, I spun the composter and a little ball of fur came running out from under it and headed for the rhubarb. It turned out to be a baby jack rabbit no bigger than my fist. I took a few pictures and he never budged from his new hiding spot. I guess it’s common for mother rabbits to leave their babies behind while they look for food and what have you. I felt sorry for the lil jigger because it was so hot out. I poured some water on a yogurt lid for him to get a drink but I don’t think he used it. I checked the yard the following day and he was gone. It was nice to forget about the hustle and bustle of city life and see a little nature again.


I invest in dividend growth stocks so that one day I won’t have to work and I can retire. The only problem is that you can’t eat dividends. I can go to the store and buy overpriced, under flavoured food full of pesticides and God only know what else; but I’d rather grow my own. Not only is food becoming more expensive, it’s becoming more scarce thanks to population growth and humans destroying the earth. It’s my way of giving back to the environment and I found out I really enjoy gardening. It’s an activity that I can partake in well into my retirement and it can be shared with family and friends.

I care enough about my personal health to start investing in it. You don’t need to make a fancy garden like I did, but you can start a smaller version in your back yard or in pots on your balcony. Grow foods you enjoy to eat and see where it goes from there. I promise you that once you see your seedlings pop up through the dirt, you will receive an instant gratification from it; almost on a spiritual level.

Stay tuned for more Investing In Your Health  updates and more pictures from my garden as it progresses.


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