Jessica Charlotte: 2012

2. What is your favourite Winter lip product?

A lip balm is a must during Winter as my lips get very dry very easily. I absolutely love Nivea’s Milk and Honey lip balm, it’s unbelievably moisturising and very affordable! Lipstick wise, I’m loving Mac’s Syrup and L’Oreal’s Pink Treat for a lip gloss.

3. What is your most worn Winter clothing piece?

This is boring but tights under leggings have kept me so so warm when I’m walking around exploring Paris. I’ve also got plenty of use out of my oversized grey jumper that I bought from Topshop last winter. (Excuse the lack of makeup in the photo below!)

4. What is your most worn Winter accessory?

My most worn winter accessory would probably be my burgundy knitted scarf from H&M. It’s so cold now that I cant leave the house without it! I’ve also been wearing my Topshop chunky necklace a lot and a new knitted headband from Brandy Melville that keeps my ears super warm!

5. What is your favourite Winter scent/candle?

I really love Diptyque’s Aubepine and Neom’s Christmas Wish candle. I don’t have either here in Paris at the moment but I’ve been burning Muji’s Mandarin and Cinnamon tinned candle and it smells amazing, it makes me feel so christmassy! In terms of perfume (I know it’s probably supposed to be just candle scent but I’m going to add this anyway,) my absolute favourite winter scent, except from Alien which I wear day to day, would be Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir. It is the most gorgeous wintry fragrance and lasts for so long which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

6. What is your favourite Winter beverage?

7. What is your all time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?

There are so many christmas movies that I love; Elf, Love Actually and The Santa Claus but I recently watched Arthur Christmas and thought that was also a great feel good film.

8. What is your favourite Christmas/Holiday song?

This is easy, anything from Michael Buble’s Christmas album last year. His voice is just perfection to my ears.

9. What is your favourite Holiday food/treat?

Christmas dinner on Christmas day! I’m also obsessed with peppermint bark this season.

10. What is your favourite Christmas Decoration this year?

I’m currently living away from home so haven’t seen the decorations at home yet but I always love the different ornaments on the christmas tree and the candle reef my mum always buys. We light a new candle each Sunday in December before Christmas day, so there’s 4 candles in total.

11. What’s at the top of your Christmas list?

There isn’t anything I particularly want but I have my eye on a pair of heeled chelsea boots and a gorgeous wrap playsuit from ASOS.

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?

We usually spend Christmas day with my Dad’s side of the family and then Boxing day at home with Mum’s family. We never go away for christmas as luckily all my relatives live in the UK. I’m heading back to norwich (where my university is) after the new year so that’ll be so nice, yet so nostalgic at the same time!

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