Law Firm Marketing Strategies

If you’re looking for law firm marketing strategies to generate you more leads and cases then you’re in the right place.

The world of law firm marketing is extremely competitive, but there’s some simple tricks that you can do to stay ahead of your competition. These marketing strategies may seem very basic but you’ll be surprised how many law firms haven’t actually done these or done them consistently

In this post I’m going to show you 3 really easy and quick law firm marketing strategies to help your solicitor’s firm achieve its business’ goals


If you’ve ever Googled, “SEO Tips for Law Firms” then this should be top of the list.

Google My Business [http://web.archive.org/web/20190225230059/https://www.google.com/business/] is a free tool that your solicitor’s firm needs to sign up to. When you register you can experience a whole load of benefits that will boost your firm’s local and national SEO.

When it comes to SEO, it’s best to get the local stuff done first. That’s what Google My Business allows you to do.

In essence, you register your business and get to tell Google, and your customers, key information about your business such as

* Your company name
* Type of business
* Official website
* Street Address
* Opening Hours
* Contact information such as telephone number
* Google Reviews

You don’t need complicated law firm marketing strategies. Whilst writing this article I googled around 5 law firms in my local area and Blacks Solicitors was the only one with a Knowledge Graph.


Look at this great example of Blacks Solicitors based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

When you Google, “Blacks Solicitors” you notice something different from most law firms in the Google search results – the Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph is that box you see on the right hand side which contains all the company information that a customer would need.

You can only get the Knowledge Graph once you have registered with ‘Google My Business’.

The Knowledge Graph not only gives your customers all the info they need, but it looks professional. When you see a Knowledge Graph for any company, it can help instill a sense of trust, because it “looks more professional” than the other companies.

It also allows you to do something that’s even more valuable to driving leads…


Take a look at the Black Solicitors example again. Notice the Google reviews?

Of course you do.

The star rating is orange so it stands out from all the white space. Your eye is instantly drawn to it. Do you think that was by accident? Of course not. It was totally thought out to help your customers look for credible businesses.

When you Google a company, and you see the Knowledge Graph, what’s one of the first things you look at?

The Google Reviews.

If it’s less than 3 stars then you’re probably not going to buy. If it’s 4-5 stars, then you’re more likely to get in contact.

How To Build Google Reviews

It’s easy. Just ask!

1. Your BEST Historic Clients

Contact your best clients and ask them for a review. Be sure to ask your best clients. You don’t want to send out a mass mailshot and end up receiving a whole load of negative reviews.

The best way to approach this is to firstly call them. Ask them for their permission first. No one likes to receive email blasts asking for reviews.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you gave a company review when you got their email?

So call them first. Tell them you are going to send them a link which will take them directly to the place where they can leave you a Google Review.

2. Pre-Fill The 5 Stars For Them

You can create a link that sends your customers to a pre-filled 5 star Google review. CLICK HERE to see how to do it

Email them the link, follow up with a phone call to thanks them and build up a whole load of good Google reviews.

It’s important to get these reviews because of something called, “Social Proof”.

Social Proof basically means that people will only buy something if other people recommend it. That’s why reviews work so well for lead generation.

So there you have it. By setting up the Google Knowledge Graph, your law firm will ‘look the part’ and with 4-5 star Google reviews, you will build trust before your customer evens comes on your website. This will more likely get them to visit your website and contact you

What more could you want? Easy right?

Law firm marketing strategies don’t have to be complex. Just do the basics and do them well.

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