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1. Xbox 360 has a really big problem overheating. Is their a issue with overheating with the Xbox 360 Portable?

Answer: No, we have added two more fans and incorporate the two that come from the Microsoft Factory. So there are a total of four fans all together. We have vigoursly tested the Xbox 360 portable in extreme conditions to try to get it to overheat. But we were not able to achieve that goal.

2. Is it heavy?

Answer: Its not feather light by any means, but isn’t as heavy as you might think. The average weight is coming out to around 16LBS. So you be the judge.

3. I have a Xbox Live account. Is using that account on my Xbox 360 Portable going to effect my account in any way?

Answer: No, there is no software modding done. Just cosmetic. I have heard from several people that even doing some cosmetic modifications and adding more fans to help the ventilation process will cause you to get banned. I have had my Xbox 360 Portable for over 7 months now and have played on Xbox Live just about everyday since I got it done and still am playing.

4. I have some friends coming over and we are going to do some gaming. We all want to play together and that would make for some really small screens to play on with the monitor split in four sections. Is there a way to hook up a external monitor / TV to solve this problem?

Answer: Yes. Their are connections on the back of the Xbox 360 Portable to connect to a external monitor / TV. All you do is connect the appropriate cables and adjust the selector switches on the back and you will have solved your problem.

5. Does it have a rechargeable battery?

Answer: No, unfortunately it does not. Although we are researching ways to do this we have not found a battery that will last a long enough to be of any use. As new technology is available we will be looking into this further. As for right now you will still have to plug it in to a wall outlet.

6. Does it have sound?

Answer: Yes. Sound is produced through two speakers usually right below the monitor, and are controlled by a volume knob on the front of the case. You also have the option of hooking up to a external stereo if you wish.

7. Does if have wire-less internet?

Answer: Yes, but not all models will have this. You must request it when ordering your Xbox 360 Portable.

8. I have a Xbox 360, and I wish to send mine to you for you to use in the Xbox 360 Portable. Can you use mine instead of buying another one and charging me for that?

Answer: Yes, we will gladly accept your personal Xbox 360 instead of purchasing a new one and charging you for the new one. You will be responsible for the shipping to get your Xbox 360 to us, and we will ship the Xbox 360 Portable back to you free of charge. Please note that there is a $25.00 fee for disassembling your personal Xbox 360 when it arrives at our location. This fee is basically just for the labor to disassemble the unit.

9. If I send you my Xbox 360 to use will this void my warranty?

Answer: Yes, unfortunately Microsoft will not honor your warranty if we use your personal 360. Although we have yet had a customer that has had this problem yet. The Xbox 360 Portable is tested for 12 hours straight playing games and watching movies to ensure that its ok for shipment to you before it leaves our store.

10. Do you offer any warranty?

Answer: Yes, you have sixty days from the date we receive your order to send it back for a replacement Xbox 360 Portable. Again we have yet had to do this but should you ever need to its nice to know that you can.

If you should have anymore questions please feel free to visit the Contact Us page and ask it their and we will be glad to answer any question you may have.



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