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Powerboard Electric Hoverboard Review

Written by Meghan

For a fairly affordable price, you can treat yourself to the luxury of an Electric Hoverboard consists of two wheels from Powerboard is offered by Amazon. This electric hoverboard is offered in five basic colors such as red, white, blue, black and silver. This product competes with some off the highly recommended companies such SwagWay. This electric hoverboard has received 67% of 5 Stars reviews from customers who bought this product. This product is said to be faster and smoother than the other scooters. It is easy to learn and only requires that the user make three simple moves, which are, lean forward to move forward. Lean back to reverse and lean to the side for turning corners. This amazing product has battery life that last up to 6 hours and only takes 60 mins to charge. This product can ride for miles just by using one charge. It takes a user approximately 3 minutes to understand this product and some can even do it in 30 seconds. This product also has a one warranty. It is contains a built in, rechargeable lithium battery. This product has a maximum load of 220 lbs. and a speed of 8 MPH. It can turn corners and rotate unlike some scooters.

Although this electric hoverboard is asked superior to others, it is not certified, it doesn’t have exact materials listed of what the scooter is made from. Furthermore the description doesn’t clarify wither the battery being used is Samsung. It doesn’t specify the distance limit or speed limit. Also, it is unclear how much Watts the scooter carries or the voltage. However, the product is said to be made from 100% high quality materials and based on the longitude of the battery life, it can be assumed the battery is very effective. The product package comes with the charger and manual. This product does not have a main target, regarding wither it is mainly for adults or kids.

Although the LED lights are mentioned, it is not listed that the LED lights does the same as other scooters light, which issues out warnings of protection circumstance and low battery. Also, the Bluetooth feature is not added into this electric hoverboard. The tires are made from airless, hard materials. The electric hoverboard is very light to carry and easy to transport. It is a very entertaining product and made good for competitive games. This scooter requires that users have good balance.

This electric hoverboard is a product that would be recommended for adults more than kids. It is suitable for teenagers over the ages of 15. This a very fast product, that is ideal for already well-balanced people who can handle speed. The battery lasts very long, which is amazing. However, there are no visual warning to alert the user when their scooter needs to be checked, neither does it make a ‘beeping’ sound to notify low battery. This product same more fitting for males, rather than females.

* LED lights
* Light to carry
* 60 mins to charge
* Affordable
* High material quality
* Airless tires

* No Bluetooth
* Samsung battery no confirmed
* 8 MPH

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