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There are two types of clans on Socom. There are those that just play for fun, and disband within a matter of weeks or a couple of months.

Then, there are the types of clans that stand out from the rest. The type that takes the game to a whole new level, and settles for nothing less than the best. These clans may have been formed since the beginning of Socom II, and some are even veterans of Socom I. These are the types of clans I’m looking for.

My clan was lucky enough to recruit me…

Why? Because I’m a professional Graphic/Web Designer. So I designed my clan’s very own website, and I make custom graphic signature banners for our members to use on our forums.

I’m a veteran of Socom I, but I was never in a clan until Socom II. It’s kind of funny how I came to be in my clan. The summer before Socom was released I had been reading books on Navy SEALs, since I’m a big Special Forces buff. I re-read one of my favorite books “Rogue Warrior: Red Cell” by Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko.

Red Cell was an elite counter-terrorist unit developed in the 80’s by Richard Marcinko, who was also the founder and first commanding officer of SEAL Team 6, America’s first elite counter-terrorist unit.

Well as it happens, early on in Socom II, I was asked if I wanted to join a clan by someone named “Demo Dick”. I said “sure” not really taking any thought to the offer. Then I asked what the name of the clan was, and I was astounded to find out that it was “Red Cell”. And the rest is as they say, history. We’ve had players come and go, but our clan has stood the test of time, and now we only recruit mature players.

Our clan uses a military style command structure complete with Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Tactical Commanders, Recruiting Officers and Squad Leaders. Our online presence and professionalism has been greatly enhanced by our professional website, which countless people have commented on.

As a matter of fact, our website is responsible for the majority of new members recruited to our clan.

And now I am extending that same professionalism to you at a fraction of the cost of a website of this caliber. You’ll be saving over 75% of the normal cost of a professionally designed website.

This offer is obviously not for everyone. If you’re not serious about your clan, or aren’t going to be around for very long, then this offer is not for you. I’m only looking for serious clans wanting a platform to showcase their talent and professionalism.

Why should I pay when I can get a free website?

Have you seen all these other free clan websites? Two words. They suck. These are good for the “cheap” clans that aren’t worried about being the best. Plus almost all of these free sites have annoying banner ads.

They are also limited in the amount of bandwith allowed per month, meaning if you exceed your bandwith for the month, your site gets shut down until the beginning of the next month, which means your clan can’t access any updates or information. Plus they run very slow because of the shared servers with every other free website user.

So how much is this going to cost?

A professional website of this caliber costs anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 and up, but you are not going to pay anywhere near that price. Obviously a clan is not going to spend that much no matter how serious you take the game. But for a limited time, you will be able to take advantage of this special offer by paying less than 75% of the regular price. Order today and get everything mentioned for the unbelievably low price of $250. Yes, that’s it. Just $250. This cost can be easily dispersed amongst clan members. For a 16 member clan the cost comes out to around $15 per member! If your clan has a full 32 man roster the cost is only around $9!

So how am I able to offer such a low price?

Easy. I am going to offer custom templates. What this means is that your clan will be responsible for getting your own hosting account, updating and adding the information to your site. By cutting out those time consuming duties, I can pass on the quality and savings to you.

Don’t let the word “template” throw you off though. This will be a custom created Flash site. No one else will have a site like yours. Unlike other sites that sell the same template to everyone, yours will be custom made for your clan and not be sold to anyone else.

You or someone in your clan will need to have Flash MX or higher and an html editing program like Dreamweaver or Frontpage. Most every clan I know has at least one “techie” in the group. But I will also be including a user manual that will explain in detail how to update your site, where to host it (if you don’t already have a host) and much more. So once you get your custom template, all you have to do is fill in the information you want.

Sample Design

Here is exactly what you will receive:

One custom HTML template (this template will match the flash site and can be copied to make multiple pages for a wide variety of uses) Click HERE  for a sample.

User Manual (the user manual will be a pdf document that you will be able to download)

All this will be available for download via a secret link. If you want a CD with the templates and resource files (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) then just add $10 to the total and I will mail you a copy.

Ok, here’s the process of how it will work (5 easy steps):

Send me an e-mail with your request. Important: Make sure you put “S3 Website Offer” in the subject line. Send requests to [email protected]

I will reply and send you the info I need to make the site. If there are others ahead of you, I will put you on a waiting list. Orders will be taken in the order received. You will be notified either way. If you choose to go ahead with the project, you will be given a link to make payment. I am only accepting credit card orders at this time. Once your payment is received I will start on your website design.

Once I work up an initial design, I will send you a link with a screenshot of the design. You may request changes or additions during this time. Once you approve the design, I will make a working version in Flash.

I will again send you a link with the final working design of both the Flash template and the HTML template. If you are not happy with any of the designs, I will give you a refund if you so choose. However, once you approve the design and you upload the files for use there will be no refunds allowed due to the digital nature of the product.

Once you approve the design, you will be sent a secret link to download your custom templates.


Socom isn’t going away, it’s only going to get even better and more popular. Make your clan visible and stand out from the rest.

Due to the demand, this is a very limited offer
Once I reach a certain number, this offer will be pulled indefinitely.
Hey, I have to have time to play Socom!

So order today before it’s too late!

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