Tomorrow versus Just One More

The mind is a funny thing. I’ve spent the past few months reading a lot about mindset. Upon reflection I’ve been thinking that it can be boiled down to those who keep saying ‘Tomorrow’ and those who say ‘just one more.’

I had a conversation with a friend a few years ago and was amazed at how toxic his thinking had become. It was more than someone having a bad day. He had grown bitter, pessimistic and a shell of his former self. He hid it fairly well from those around him, but it crept out from time to time in conversation. I casually commented that if you say “’I can’t’ – you won’t.” To say he was a little put off by my comment is an understatement. Now in retrospect, I’m not sure that any of us set out to be negative. It’s not exactly a character trait that people aspire to. Left unchecked, it simply creeps up on you. We are all faced with ‘tomorrow’ or ‘just one more’.

Tomorrow promises great success, and unimaginable possibilities. It argues that tomorrow you’ll make more money, get in shape, or pay of debt. It coaxes you to relax today because you’ve earned it and besides you still have tomorrow. It whispers ‘forget the details, screw plans – live a little!’ There’s always tomorrow. Unfortunately, for many tomorrow never comes. For others, he comes very late with a lot of broken promises and regrets.

Just one more is just the opposite. It assures that there is no time like the present. It encourages that ‘today is a brand new day’. It cheers and shouts ‘you can do it!’ It stays a little later to tie up loose ends and closes the day with ‘Well done.’

The friend I was speaking to a few years ago was ME! I was angry, bitter and quick to lash out and blame others. It was only through reading the likes of Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and John Maxwell that a transformational shift began. it’s been gradual and I wish I could say that I have completely given up on being a ‘tomorrow’ guy. Slowly, I am embracing just one more –

-Just one more encouraging word; just one more congratulatory email; just one more handshake; just one more hug; just one more call; just one more…

My greatest fear is that we accept the promise of tomorrow to easily and cheat ourselves of what can be today. For right now there are books waiting to be written, songs waiting to be sung, pictures waiting to be painted, and sermons waiting to be preached. It needs to begin TODAY.

I hope you are a ‘just one more’ type person. The world needs you!

What have you been putting off – that you can start today? -leave me a comment and let me know.


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