VIC Libraries

Video and Image Coding (VIC) Libraries:

VIC libraries are a set of SDK for video and image encoding and decoding. They will work for any desktop platfroms (Windows, Linux or MAC), but especailly suitable to be used as building blocks to develop mobile applications, like Window Mobile based cellphone/PDA, Blackberry or iPhone.Unique features of the coding libraries:

  1. They are self-contained, do not depend on any other libraries.
  2. They are portable, written in ANSI C, do not rely on any hardware platform or OS.
  3. There are no float type variables or operations, easier to port to any DSP or embedded platform.
  4. They are very small, but including all necessary features, for example, progressive build is supported in JPEG decoder. The compiled libaries are from 5K to 20K bytes only.
  5. They are clearly implemented as separately modules, in easy-understood structures.
  6. The API interfaces are very simple, can be easily integrated into top level application.
  7. They have been used in many applications and well tested.
  8. The API interfaces are very flexible. For eaxmple, video decoding supports bitstream input for frame by frame, or a continous bit stream without information about the frame boundary within the bitstream.
  9. The libraries are easy to evaluate. Just download the demo packages which include the pre-compiled libraries (Windows and Linux), source codes of the demo application, test data and the test scripts.
  10. For any other platforms/processors, source code licenses are available.

Consulting works for customized development

We can also provide consulting works for any customized development, or port the libraries to other platforms, DSP, GPU, etc.


More libraries:

We also works on other image or video processing libraries, like face detection, H.264 encoder, video and audio mux and demux, etc.
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