Deinterlace filter

Deinterlace Filter:

All existing analog television systems and many digital systems arrange scan lines of one frame into two. One field contains all even lines, another field contains all odd lines. When the fields are then displayed, interlaced scanning produces visual defects called interlace artifacts or combing, which occur when objects in the image move around.



Deinterlace filter will be useful to remove those artifacts, to improve the visual quality of the decoded images. 

The deinterlacing filter includes following features:

  1. There is only one function needed to filter a frame.void SRI_Deinterlace_Filter(
    unsigned char* sourceImage,
    unsigned char* targetImage,
    int sampling_format,
    unsigned char* progressive,
    int width,
    int height


  2. This filter supports many YUV or RGB formats, including:
    1. IMAGE_FORMAT_YUV_400 ( sampling_format = 1):
    2. IMAGE_FORMAT_PACKED_YUV_422 (sampling_format = 4):
    3. IMAGE_FORMAT_PACKED_YUV_444 (sampling_format = 5):
    4. IMAGE_FORMAT_PACKED_RGB_444 (sampling_format = 6):
    5. IMAGE_FORMAT_PACKED_BGR_444 (sampling_format = 7):
    6. IMAGE_FORMAT_PLANAR_YUV_420 (sampling_format = 8):
    7. IMAGE_FORMAT_PLANAR_YUV_422 (sampling_format = 9):
    8. IMAGE_FORMAT_PLANAR_YUV_444 (sampling_format = 10):
    9. IMAGE_FORMAT_PLANAR_RGB_444 (sampling_format = 11):
    10. IMAGE_FORMAT_PLANAR_BGR_444 (sampling_format = 12):
  3. The input image can be two separated fields which are not interleaved together as one frame yet (when ‘progressive = 0’); or can be a whole frame image with two fields already interleaved together (in this case ‘progressive = 1’).
  4. The output images are always in progressive planar formats. Two separated fields are always interleaved together and deinterlaced filter is applied to remove the artifacts. Also, the output image is always in ‘YYYYYY….. UUUUUU….. VVVVVV….’ planar format (can be in 444, 422, 420 sampling format).
  5. For detailed usage, see the demo program included in the package.

Download the package:
Package includes: deinterlce filter library, demo program source code with project files (for Windows) and make file (for Linux), example yuv video clip and test script batch file.