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Writing well written quality articles can be a daunting task, it takes lots of time and energy. That is why it is important to make the most of your time every time you sit down to write. And Remember this quality is better than quantity. If you can write thousands of quality articles a week than by all means, but never sacrifice quality for quantity. Some people can sit down and write an article within minutes from beginning to end while others may spend all day on the same thing and still not complete it. You will find the more your write the faster you will get at it and that goes for anything you do.

If you’re finding it difficult to finish an article or you think that it’s simply taking way too long, there are steps to writing a faster article.

When you are being distracted by other things around you, it can be very difficult trying to write much less do it quickly. Therefore, one of the first things that you need to do is limit distractions. Turn off the TV, turn down the ringer on the phone, lock yourself in a room, and tell the dog to lay down. Make sure to keep your work area neat and clean and don’t forget to let friends know when you’re working so they won’t be interrupting you while you’re trying to write. It is important to make sure that you’re comfortable, not too cold and not too hot. I personally found that fresh air always helped me write, stopped closing my window. Fresh crisp clean air, nothing better! J

By setting a certain time for writing your article you will know that you should be finished when you’re time is up, trust it helps you stay focused. You will improve as your write more articles; it will also keep you writing and help prevent you from stopping. Some people think too much and start procrastinating prolonging the task at hand. You should just write and let your mind flow on to the keys. You can always go back and fix mistakes if you have too. Timing yourself makes it easier to keep up with what you’re doing and how well you’re doing as time goes on.

Save the Editing to the end, by doing this you will find yourself writing a much faster article. Fixing mistakes and editing sentences that my not of come out right slows your writing down. You should try just writing and then once your finish going back and reading it over.

You don’t have to start by typing your articles, you can write them on paper. Not everyone is a great typer and if you are one of those people you should combine your writing and typing at the same time. You might discover that you write faster on paper than typing on the computer. Once you have your article neatly written you can then type it on the computer.

Love it, this is going toward an opposite audience from directly above but maybe you’re not a good speller or you don’t like writing on paper. Microsoft Word is really a great tool to help you construct a well written article. Every little bit counts. I have observed that Microsoft Word picks up a lot of my mistakes so that I don’t have too. Leaving more time to write and less time fixing mistakes!

If you like music and you think that it won’t distract you than you should let it play why you’re writing. I often use music to drown out the noises in the background and it helps a lot.

Writing fast articles is a great thing to be able to do, but if you’re not all that fast yet and you find that you might not ever be. Don’t worry; just remember this success is all in quality and not quantity. Just make sure your articles are well written and to the point. Tired of writing articles want someone else to do all the work start purchasing article today.


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