At Sunray Image, we provide video application developers with processing tools and coding SDK libraries. The tools, called YUVTools, can be used to play and manipulate raw video data files, while VIC (Video and Image Coding) Libraries can be directly applied as ready-to-use building blocks for many multimedia applications, specially for embedded systems or mobile platforms.
YUVTools are a set of software utilities to play, convert and analyze YUV or RGB video data in their raw formats. 

The main features of YUVTools are:

  • It accepts (plays, converts, edits and analyzes) the combination of following formats:
    • YUV in 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 sample format,
    • RGB in 4:4:4 sampling format;
    • in different component order, like YUV, YVU, UYV, RGB, BGR, etc.
    • in progressive (one single frame) or interlaced (two fields) format;
    • in planar (YYY…UUU…VVV…) or packed (YUV, YUV….) pixel format;
    • in predefined or arbitrary resolutions;
    • Support FOURCC ( refer to: http://www.fourcc.org/).
  • An image preview function to help guess the video format interactively.
  • YUV Player can open multiple player dialogs and play different files in each dialog separately, or play multiple video files in one player dialog one by one sequentially. The detailed format of any opened or generated files will be logged, and the user can directly select any file to play back from the history list.
  • YUV Converter can convert any combination of the format to another format, or convert to (or from) a sequence of BMP files. Other conversion functions include: scaling, join, crop, flip, padding, merge and separation of color components.
  • YUV Analyzer can be used to calculate PSNR between two YUV files, or compare pixel by pixel to check the difference between the corresponding frames of two files, or overlay block type or motion vectors on top of each frame. Another useful feature is to help check the motion between two adjacent frames.
  • YUV Editor can be used to edit the images pixel by pixel, or overlay one YUV image on top of another YUV image file.
  • Convert YUV file to AVI format or vice versa;
  • Setting options include grid display, different YUV to RGB conversion formula, etc.
  • Many of above functions can also be performed in command line mode, which are useful for batch process or scripting.

VIC (Video and Image Coding) libraries include several C/C++ SDK programming libraries, which can be directly used as building blocks for video and image coding applications. They are written in ANSI C, portable with small footprint, especially suitable for DSP and embedded platform, or mobile application, like Window Mobile based cell phone or PAD, Blackberry or iPhones.    SDK Libraries include:

  • JPEG Encoder and Decoder libraries
  • H.263 Decoder
  • MPEG 1/2 decoder
  • MPEG4 decoder
  • Deinterlace filter
  • Deblocking filter