AVI Files

Conversion between AVI and YUV files:

Now days, there are many video clips stored in AVI file format. To be used as the inputs for a video encoder, they have to be converted to the raw YUV data first. AVI is a video and audio container format only, not the codec that actually compresses the video data.  You need install codec filter on your computer in order to decode some compressed video format, like MPEG2, H.264, etc.

To check which codec filters are installed on your computer, right click on “My Computer”, select “Manage” from the drop down menu. A dialog will pop up, and you can select “Device Manager” from “System Tools”, then “Sound, video and game controllers” ->”Video Codecs”, another dialog window will show up, to list all the installed codec filters on your computer:



Or, you can check the list from “System Information” Page as below ( All Programs -> Accessories ->System Tools -> System Information, or type “msinfo32” from “Run…”):

To convert an AVI file to YUV raw format, first try to play the AVI file in Windows Media Player, if you can see the video, the video codec should already been installed. For more detail, check Convert AVI to YUV

One the other hand, in certain case, you may prefer to play the raw YUV data inside Window Media Player. Then you can encode a YUV file into AVI format. You need select a video codec in order to put video data into AVI container format. Most likely, codec “iyuv” is already installed on your computer, and we will use it as the default one to encode AVI file. You can change to other codec, like “divx” if it is already installed. Please refer to Convert YUV to AVI  for more details.