Decode AVI to YUV file

This tool can be used to convert an AVI file to a raw YUV file. Since AVI file is just a container file format, the actual codec needs to be installed on your computer in order to decode certain type of compressed video file. For example, if the video data inside the AVI file is encoded in H.264 format, please make sure H.264 decoder filter is installed. Since YUVTools use the same decode mechanism as Windows Media Player, as long as you can play the video in the Media Player, YUVTools should be able to convert it into YUV format.

Select “AVI Files” from main menu, or click on    from the toolbar. A dialog will pop up. Then you need:

  1. Load AVI File:   Click on “Browse” to pick an AVI file to convert.
  2. Select a file to store decoded YUV or RGB image: A YUV format dialog will help you to select a right YUV/RGB format. Refer to YUV / RGB format selection .
  3. If you do not want to convert all the frames, you can select to convert certain frame range only.
  4. Click on OK to start the convert.