This module will be used to encode a YUV file into an AVI file. The video data will be kept in uncompressed, namely “IYUV” in FOURCC format, by default. No Audio data will be included in AVI file.

Select “AVI Files” from main menu, or click on   from the toolbar. A dialog will pop up. Then you need:

  1. Load a YUV or RGB image file to convert: A YUV format dialog will help you to select a right YUV/RGB format. Refer to YUV / RGB format selection .
  2. Select an AVI file to save:   Click on “Browse” to pick an AVI file to save.
  3. If you do not want to convert all the frames, you can select to convert certain frame range only. 
  4. Click on OK to start the convert.

              (Click on above image to display a full resolution image)


‘iyuv” format is the most popular codec. If your PC supports other video codec, you can also choose different FOURCC, such as “divx”.

Please note, ‘iyuv” format is uncompressed format, and it is so simple that there is no video aspect ratio information stored in the AVI file. When you play the encoded AVI file, you may see a square vide image. Real player seems will keep the image original resolution, but Microsoft Media Player will not. You have two ways to adjust it in Microsoft Media Player:

1. Change Video Acceleration Settings. After open Media Player, right click on very top border, from the drop down menu, select Tools -> Options…  -> Performance, then click on “Advanced…” button. In the pop up dialog, looking for “Use video mixing renderer”, uncheck it if it is checked. Then click OK to save your changes.


2. You can also change the pixel aspect ratio in the Media Player, selecting Tools -> Options…  -> Devices -> Display, then click on “Properties” button, you can adjust the aspect by dragging the slide bar, or type in the value to (image_width / image_height) :


If you encode YUV into “divx” format, the aspect ration will be stored in the AVI file, and the Media Player will display the image in the right aspect, so you do not need to manually adjust it from the options window.