YUV Crop:

From the main menu, choose “YUVConverter”, then select “Crop”, or click on   from toolbar, a dialog will pop up.

For a YUV file, you can select one area inside all it images, and saved into a new YUV file. All images in original file will be cropped at same location and same size. You can also specify which frame to start and end for the cropping. Please note, only the original images are displayed during the cropping process. After crop finished, you can play the saved file to see the cropped result.

To set the parameters of cropping area, you need specify the start top line and start left column, as well as the width (number of columns) and height (number of lines) of the cropped area. Here is an example:

Left column to start:  2
Cropped width:        23
Top line to start:       3

Cropped height:       16