YUV Editor

This tool can be used to check the pixel values of one block inside the image. This block will be magnified and displayed in a separated windows, with all pixel values (in YUV or RGB) showed. You can also directly edit the  values of each pixel.

Select “YUVEditor” from main menu, or  from toolbar. A dialog will pop up, asking to load a YUV file. Then you need:


  1. Load Original File:   Click on “Browse” to pick a YUV file, and a YUV format dialog will help you to select a right YUV format. Refer to YUV / RGB format selection .
  2. After YUV file is openned, you can play the file, or step frame by frame, to the specified image you are interested.
    • Click on button “Start” to start the converting, the converted images will be displayed frame by frame.
    • Click on button “Pause” to pause the converting
    • Click on button “Stop” to Stop the converting
    • Click on button “Exit” to exit the dialog.
  3. Grid will be displayed to help you to choose which block to inspect or edit. You can directly click on the block, a new dialog will appear, showing this block’s pixel data and enlarged image.
  4. After you click on ‘OK’, the editted data will be saved into the file.