YUV Merge

From the main menu, choose “YUVConverter”, then select “Color merge”, or directly click on   from the toolbar, a dialog will pop up.

In this function, you can merge three separate color components into one combined image file. When loading each of the 3 component file, select MONO as the sampling format in format dialog.  If the 3 input files are for Y, U and V, the combined file will be YUV file. If the 3 inputs files are in R, G and B, the merged file will be a RGB file.

If merged as YUV file, the resolutions of the 3 file can be different. For example, you can merge a Y component file in 352×288, a U component file in 176×144 and a V component file in 176×144 into a YUV 420 format. The merged YUV file is always in planar and progressive format.

If you are merging a RGB file, all the input files must have the same resolutions, since we only support RGB 4:4:4 sampling format.

After the merge finished, a dialog will pop up to display the format information of the merged file.