YUV Options

Grid Display Options:

You can change the global settings for all YUV tools.

You can enable/disable the grids setting, which will be applied to the YUVPlayer, YUVConverter and YUVAnalyser. You can enable two (or only one of them) grids overlaid on top of displayed image. The two grids can be used to show the size and location of MB (Macro Block) or block in video compression. The grid space, overlay transparency and color can be customized.

              (Click on above image to display a full resolution image)

After enabling the two layers of grids, they will be overlaid on top of images:

Please note the drawing order of the two grids: Grid One is drawn first, then Grid Two is draw on top of it. So, Grid Two may cover Grid One, if they have lines in the same position. It is recommended that Grid One is used for smaller size grid (like 8×8 block in MPEG), and Grid Two for bigger grid (like 16×16 Macro Block in MPEG).

YUV to RGB conversion Formula: 

There are many conversion formulae to convert YUV data to RGB or vice versa. Two most popular ones are ITU-R 601 and ITU-R 709.

ITU-R 601 was defined for Standard Definition TV (SDTV), 525-line for NTSC and 625-line for PAL/SECAM. In 1990, ITU-R709 was proposed for high definition TV (HDTV). User can select which formula to use to convert data between YUV and RGB. 


The third option is User Defined Formula, which requires all the parameter fields be filled up. Once you click on OK, those matrix parameters will be remembered and will be used as default values afterward, until they are changed again.

When you fill up the matrix parameters, please follow the format exactly.