YUV Padding

From the main menu, choose “YUVConverter”, then select “Padding”, or click on   from the toolbar, a dialog will pop up.

You can load any YUV or RGB file, then expand the image size and pad the image border area with certain color.

First, there are two modes to fill in the color:

  • Repeat the color of the first and last of the image row and column, as show above;
  • Fill in color with the specified color, as show below.


If you like to fill in some line on the top, type in the line number after ” Padding top rows:”, (10 as an example in above image). If you need some space at left side of the image, specify how many pixels after ” Padding left columns:”, (8 in above example).

For image size, you also have two ways to choose.

  • The first one is to expand the image to the multiple of certain numbers for image width and height. In this case, you do not need to give the new  image size explicitly. For example, for an input image with resolution 352×288, if you like to make the width and height to the multiple of 64, the program will calculate the smallest multiple of 64 for the expansion, which is 384×320.
  • Explicitly type in the width and height of new image size.