YUV player is a module that can be used to play a video data file in raw YUV format, including the combinations of sampling formats (4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0), pixel packing formats (packed or planar), interlace or progressive, and different image sizes. The player support all necessary play controls, including start/stop, play/pause, reverse play, frame by frame forward/backward, or directly drag to certain frame. Also, it can also display just one component (Y, U or V alone) separately.Multiple players can be opened and displayed simultaneously.
From the main menu, choose “YUVPlayer”, then select “Open…”, a dialog will pop up. The dialog contains four sections:

    1. Load File:   Click on “Browse” to pick a YUV file, a YUV format dialog will help you to select a right YUV format. Refer to YUV / RGB format selection. After correct format is selected, the first frame will be loaded and shown inside this dialog:

              (Click on above image to display a full resolution image)

  1. Play Controls: After the first frame of a YUV file is loaded and correctly displayed, you can:
    • Click on button “Start” to start play the YUV file, at speed of 30 frames per second.
    • Click on button “Pause” to pause the play, this button will displayed as “Play”. You can click on it to continue the play.
    • Click on button “Stop” to Stop the play.
    • Click on button “Reverse play” to play backward, from last frame to the first frame.
    • Click on button “>” to play one frame forewords.
    • Click on button “<” to play one frame backward.
    • Click on slider bar and drag to any frame directly.
    • Click on button “Exit” to exit the player.
  2. Status: Current frame number will be displayed to show where you are
  3. Options: For selected YUV file, you have the option to display all YUV components, or only Y, U, V component separately. This is useful if you just like to play one components, for example, Y component only:

            Here is the example of V component only:

You can open multiple player dialogs as you wish. And each of them can be played separately and simultaneously on the screen. This is particularly useful if you like to compare two YUV video clips visually, side by side.  The number of players that can be opened is limited by your computer resources.